Fire Kills Mom & 4 Kids, Leaving Dad With a Lifetime of Pain (VIDEO)

fireJust one day after Christmas, right before the sun came up, a massive fire ripped through an Oklahoma City woman's home, killing her and her four young children. I don't think I need to say that calling this is a tragedy is a gigantic understatement. The lives of Jeanine Bonnet, 28; Kara Leon, 3; Matthew Zackary Leon, 5; Samantha Leon, 7; and Natalie Leon, 8, were all taken during this god-awful event. But see, this terrible story only gets worse.


According to David Ruppert, a man who rented a room in the home and who managed to escape, Bonnet's children normally lived with their father, and were only visiting for the holiday. He also mentioned that the house had no working smoke detectors (something all parents -- and people -- should have), and said: "The kids didn't have a chance. If I hadn't been awake already, I'd have been dead too."

This is one of those terrible, stomach-turning stories that makes you want to cry and go hug your kids tighter than usual today. The death of children is always tragic, no matter what the context, but the fact that they were without one of their parents -- the primary caretaker, in fact -- makes the story more upsetting than usual. I imagine their father is thinking right now that he should have been with them, as well as wondering if there would have been anything he could have done to stop things. There truly is nothing -- and I mean, nothing -- more devestating than children passing away without their parents. It literally will break someone's heart.

Thoughts and prayers to this poor family right now -- especially the dad. I know he'll never get over this, as no parent would, but I hope he knows it's not his fault.

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