6-Year-Old With Cancer Meets Favorite Professional Wrestler & Puts Him in a Headlock (VIDEO)

Daniel Bryan Connor MichalekIf you're not the biggest fan of the WWE, prepare to be converted. At least, prepare to become a huge fan of wrestler Daniel Bryan. The WWE star found out a 6-year-old who'd been battling cancer since he was 3 wanted nothing more than to meet his favorite wrestler for Christmas.

Turns out the guy who tag teams with a guy named Kane as part of Team Hell No is really a big ol' softie. Bryan not only met up with little Connor Michalek, he let the 6-year-old beat him up! You know you want to see it happen:


Incredible, right?

It can be risky when parents let their kids make these sort of pleas to celebrities. Even knowing that little Connor has been this sick for this long, you can't always guarantee that the celebrity is going to answer in kind. You can easily end up with a kid who is just crushed because you've set them up for disappointment.

As a parent, you have to think fast when your kid makes a request like this. Do you put it out there? Do you risk the disappointment on the off-chance that the payoff makes their entire year?

In Connor's case, obviously it worked ... and how! Whatever Daniel Bryan and Kane do in the ring, they are some incredibly nice guys out of it. I have a soft spot in my heart for any celebrity who goes out of their way to make a kid happy. Whether it's a guy like Daniel Bryan showing up to make a child with cancer feel like a WWE superstar or singer Gavin DeGraw spending an afternoon giving out school supplies to low income kids from his old elementary school to make sure they have the same first day of school as every other kid, these are the type of celebrities who really deserve their fame and fortune ... because they haven't forgotten the people who truly matter in this world.

Were you a Daniel Bryan fan before? How about now?


Image via TribLive/YouTube

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