Woman Who Battled Breast Cancer While Pregnant Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy (VIDEO)

sarah ryan addison baby benjaminWhen a young couple in Denver named Sarah and Ryan Addison recently welcomed their baby boy Benjamin into the world, his healthy birth -- at 4 pounds, 5 ounces and 6 weeks ahead of schedule -- on November 25 was more than an early Christmas gift. It was a miracle -- something they'll not soon stop being grateful for. That's because Sarah, at just 25 and mere weeks into her pregnancy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unbelievable! For someone her age to find herself battling the disease, let alone while pregnant, ugh, it's just so heart-wrenching.

Still, somehow, Sarah has managed to keep an incredibly positive, optimistic view ...


The young mom told Denver's CBS4:

I don’t know if I would have been diagnosed if I wasn’t seeing a doctor regularly for my pregnancy, so in that sense I think that being pregnant saved my life.

Wow. The fact that she's taken what could have been a total nightmare and notes that, in a way, it was a blessing is astounding. But what she observes is also very much true. Thanks to her pregnancy and, in turn, diagnosis, Sarah was able to receive the care she -- and her baby -- needed to prevail. The young mom aggressively fought the disease with chemotherapy and a double mastectomy -- all while pregnant with Ben.

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Of course, there can be complications involved when battling breast (or any) cancer while pregnant. Sarah and her baby had to be monitored very closely. But in the end, both weathered the storm like champs, and it was clearly all so worth it.

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