Woman Gives Birth in Helicopter High Above Remote Island

helicopterI gave birth in a hospital. Very boring. Some women give birth at home. Very cool. A bit more comfortable, I'd imagine. And some women give birth in taxi cabs. Everyone has a story about how and where they delivered their baby. But this woman ... she gave birth in a helicopter giving her son one of the most exciting birth stories ever.

I've never been in a helicopter, but I have seen them up close (and on The Bachelor -- aren't they always chopping off to somewhere fancy?). And those birds are tiny. And loud. I have a fear of heights and of flying, so a helicopter ride sounds about as bad as a bag of spiders being dumped in my hair. Imagine having to be in that little tin box pushing out a baby?! This mom did it with ease in 15 minutes.


The unnamed 40-year-old mom of two lived in Unst, which is in the Shetland Islands. This would be her third child. She needed to get to Lerwick Hospital as soon as possible because baby was ready to make his entrance. So a rescue helicopter was called to transport her and her husband there quick.

The 7 pound baby didn't want to wait and instead was born at 1,000 feet above the small island of Lunna Holm at 6:30 a.m. shortly after she boarded the helicopter. Lunna Holm ... sounds like a great name to give the little one. Shetland is another good one. But they didn't give him either of those names. His name isn't known.

There was a paramedic on board so she was in great care, and everyone is said to be happy and healthy.
Kind of makes me want to embellish my birth story. Yes, kids, you were born by the light of the moon overlooking as it rose over the East River with the flashes of NYC traffic down below. Hey, it's all true. Sure sounds more exciting that just saying hospital.
What do you think of this birth story? Was your birth story also very exciting or unusual?

Image via George M. Groutas/Flickr

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