Dad Jumps Out of 'Present' at NFL Halftime to Surprise Sons He Hasn't Seen in 7 Months (VIDEO)

Eric SpoerleThe Houston Texans game started out exciting enough for the Spoerle boys last weekend. The three young brothers got to go out onto the field during halftime and receive jerseys after winning an essay contest. Then things got even better.

All of a sudden, there in front of an entire stadium of people, a giant present was rolled out onto the field. That's when they saw their father, chief warrant officer Eric Spoerle, who is serving in Afghanistan, emerge from it. He was greeted with amazing hugs and kisses from his family who he hadn't seen in seven months, and with cheers and tears from the stands.




That's the best football halftime show I've ever seen. The little 2-year-old, Eric Jr., is beyond adorable, and doesn't quite get what's going on. Eric Sr. told KVUE, "He wasn’t looking at me he was looking at Toro the bull. He didn't recognize me for the first 45 seconds!”

What a gift for this family to have their father back home with them for the holidays. I know not every soldier is able to be with their families, and to them, we offer our gratitude for their sacrifices. But for those who are able to come home for the holidays, it's heartwarming to watch, and I don't think I could ever tire of these amazing reunion videos.

What's the longest your spouse has ever been away from your children?


Image via KVUE

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