Cops Save Christmas for Dying Girl Whose Christmas Decorations Were Stolen (VIDEO)

Linzy Smith
Linzy Smith
This year Jessica Smith put up the Christmas decorations especially early. Her 5-year-old daughter Linzy is extremely sick, and she's worried this Christmas could be her last.

Linzy, who already suffers from several other genetic disorders, including autism and dwarfism was also recently diagnosed with a  rare bone marrow disease, meaning she'd be away from home for the holidays. So, according to KSN, Jessica decided to decorate their Phoenix, Arizona, home early, and in November, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, put up lighted reindeer, Christmas trees, and a Santa in their yard.

It a small thing, but one that meant a lot to Linzy who couldn't wait for Santa to come. Then one day, shortly after the decorations were up, they were all gone -- stolen by some heartless criminal, who likely didn't even know just how horrible the crime was.


Jessica told the station, "It was all gone. The only thing that was left was the net on the ground and the lights."

I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to explain to Linzy what happened. So Jessica called the police, but without much hope they would be able to do anything about it. But oh did they ever.

Two police officers -- Officers Lewis and Head -- responded to her call, and when they heard about Linzy's situation and the family's financial challenges they took matters into their own hands.

With their own money they bought the family groceries, a new coffee maker, and Christmas lights for their home. They installed them and lit that house back up again. Linzy was ecstatic. They said when she saw it, she started running around yelling, "Santa’s coming! Santa’s coming!”

So what started out as a heartbreaking story turned into a heartwarming one instead. While there is plenty of tragedy and evil in this world, there is also plenty of beauty and goodness. And during this season especially it's great to see reminders of it like this.

What heartwarming stories have you heard this holiday season?

Image via KSN


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