Toddler Who Wandered Into Heavy Traffic Saved in the Nick of Time by a Total Stranger

busy street NYCThe parents of a 2-year-old named Samira Dawson are probably feeling extremely sheepish if not altogether ashamed today after their little girl was found walking into a traffic-heavy street. The toddler wandered out of her Bronx home barefoot, wearing nothing more than a onesie and a diaper, all by herself yesterday, and reportedly ended up at the double line in the middle of the street.

The only silver lining to the totally disturbing tale? A quick-thinking Good Samaritan named Martin Rodriguez, who works as a Pepsi deliveryman and is a father himself, managed to scoop her up and save her. Ugh.


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Rodriguez told The New York Post:

As a father, this is nuts! I have a little girl the same age and it crushed me to see this. ... She dropped her little bookbag in the middle of the street, and that's all she was worried about.

Apparently, in the series of events that unfolded as Samira was spotted by onlookers, an unidentified woman grabbed the child and gave her to a Parkchester public safety sergeant, who called cops.

Samira's 20-year-old brother Davante Valentine showed up at the scene, and explained:

I don’t know what happened. All I know is I was sleeping and my [18-year-old brother] was supposed to be watching her and he left the house without telling me.

But where on earth was the little girl's mother? Ingrid Dawson told cops she had gone to the pharmacy that morning, and when she learned what had happened to Samira, she yelled at her son, "You were supposed to be watching her." Woooow ...

Obviously there are always going to be cases of miscommunication when it comes to child care, but this seems like major irresponsibility was at play. As much as Ingrid may hope she could trust her 18- and 20-year-old sons to watch their 2-year-old sister, they clearly weren't up to the task. And as a result, the little girl's life was endangered. So scary.

Thankfully, police and child-protective services are investigating the incident. No charges have been filed, but hopefully they're able to get to the bottom of it so that Samira's safety is never again compromised in such a potentially devastating way.

Can you believe this?!

Image via Ray Devlin/Flickr

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