Baby's Nasty Rash Turns Out to Be a Feather Stuck in Her Neck

featherMost parents know that it's really not a good idea to put a pillow in the crib with a sleeping baby due to the risk of them accidentally being smothered by it.

But as it turns out, pillows are a whole lot more dangerous than we ever thought, mainly because of what's inside of them.

You're not gonna believe this one: a 7-month-old just had a feather plucked from her neck -- literally.

Mya Whittington's parents brought her to the hospital after a nasty, swollen rash appeared on her neck, and out of all the things it could possibly be, a feather certainly wasn't something they considered.


Originally, the baby was treated with antibiotics for a swollen gland and sent home. But when a "pimple" the size of a golf ball appeared in the same spot, she was brought back to the hospital, and long story short, her pediatrician wound up pulling a two-inch-long black feather out of her neck.

And you'll never guess how the feather probably got there. Mya likely either swallowed or inhaled it from a down pillow, and then it pierced her cheek or throat and was forced out the other side of her body.

What makes this whole scenario even scarier is that the down pillow in the Whittingtons' house was on their bed, and Mya wasn't even near it all that often. (So how in the hell did she manage to ingest a feather from it?)

OMG. Her poor parents must be absolutely horrified, because no one would ever think letting a baby go near a pillow would result in her having a feather lodged under her skin. (Seriously, has the possibility ever crossed your mind?)

This sounds like one of those freak accidents that probably could not have been prevented, and I doubt babies swallow or inhale feathers very often, so there is really no cause for panic. (Don't throw out all your down stuff just yet.)

But there is an important lesson to be learned from Mya's story, and that is to always trust your gut and insist that doctors get to the bottom of things if your baby ever has symptoms that keep getting misdiagnosed. Don't be afraid that you'll come off as overprotective or paranoid, because honestly, either of those two things is better than the alternative.

Would you ever suspect that a down pillow could harm a baby?


Image via misterjingo/Flickr

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