Miraculous Toddler Unharmed After Accused Drunk Driver Crashes Into Home & Splits Crib in Half (VIDEO)

nala robbins
Nala Robbins, 2 (almost 3!)
Nala Robbins, 2, was just minding her own business, sleeping like a baby, when at 3:30 a.m., a truck came barreling through her San Jose bedroom wall and sent her flying. An accused drunk driver slammed his vehicle through a fence, collided with their house, and crashed into her crib. Nala was knocked clear out to the other side of the room and her father, Jemal, found her on the floor in shock.


Nala was speechless and was probably wondering what the hell just happened, but otherwise, she was unharmed. Unscratched. One hundred percent fine.

What kind of amazing crib does she have that can sustain a blow by a pick-up truck?? Is it made of stainless steel??

Nala's parents use angels to explain their daughter's remarkable safe-keeping. They say Nala herself acted like an angel on that dramatic Wednesday morning when car met crib, because, and I'm apt to kind of agree with them, there's no other way to make sense of this miracle.

After you see what happened to the crib, it really does look like divine intervention played a role.

Speaking of intervention, the neighbors played a key part in detaining the drunk driver. He revved his engines and tried to back out and escape after nailing the house, but folks from nearby homes wouldn't let him. They held him until the cops came -- the driver's since been charged with drunk driving and a hit-and-run.

We do so much to try and protect our kids from the horrible things in life, but sometimes, the universe throws you a curve ball in the shape of a truck driving into your baby's bedroom, and you can't do anything to stop it.

All you can do, I guess, is be thankful when those curve balls miss.

What's the weirdest/scariest thing life's ever thrown at you?


Photo via cnn.com

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