Newborn Baby Handed Off to Cops At 2 A.M. Is Wanted by Someone for Sure

baby feetA sweet, newborn baby was thrust into the arms of two San Francisco police Wednesday night by a random person standing in the middle of the street. The incident happened around 2 a.m., and the cops immediately rushed the baby to the hospital, and miraculously, he is expected to survive. Details about this situation are ... strange, and still emerging. Apparently, a woman knocked on the door of a shelter, holding the baby, and when a worker went to get help, she handed the baby off to someone else. This someone else quickly gave the baby to cops.

This is an absolutely horrifying situation, but I've gotta say: It's much better than what was originally reported -- that the mother left the baby in the middle of the street to die. Because that happens all too often these days. And honestly? I really don't have sympathy for a person who does that.


Like I said, details regarding this baby are sparse, so I can't speak on what exactly happened in this particular situation, so I'm not. But I will talk about people who have left babies in the street (or in other god-awful places) in the past. It's just not okay. At all.

If you really don't want to have a child -- or feel shame or guilt or scared or anything! -- and you're against abortion, take the baby somewhere. A shelter like this woman reportedly attempted; an orphanage; somebody's porch for god's sake. There is a Safe Haven Law. Leaving a completely helpless infant on the street to die is inexcusable. And, odds are, no matter who you are or what your mental condition is -- you know this is wrong. There are other options.

Not all pregnancies are planned. I get that. And some pregnancies happen under very terrible circumstances. Not everyone is lucky enough to live some lovely, cookie-cutter existence, where babies are all about Dwell Studio blankets and flower-printed slings. But still. I don't understand how a person can give birth to a baby -- a tiny helpless being who can't even open their eyes -- and then leave them on the street to die when there are places the baby can be taken. It's just not right.

And the worst things about these kinds of stories -- the thing that makes it that much more awful -- is the reality that there are women out there who can't have kids. Women who would make amazing mothers. Women who, their entire lives, wanted nothing more than a child, and can't have one because they were dealt a shitty hand. How come they're the ones who can't have kids, and the people who leave babies on the street can? That's, to put it bluntly, fucked up.

Thankfully, this baby is okay. Let's hope he or she is placed with one of these women who can't have a kid -- a woman who was born to be a mom but can't become one on her own. That would, if you believe in this kind of stuff, be meant to be.

What do you think of this?

Image via sloanpix/Flickr

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