Incredible Dad Battled Gunmen While Fiance & Newborn Hid in a Closet

sleeping babyJeremy Reed once told his fiance, Anna Soto, that one day, he expected to be tested as a father. He just ... probably didn't realize that day would come only seven days after the birth of their daughter, Jenna.

Jeremy, 30, a Marine mechanic, and Anna, 24, a student, were in bed asleep with their week-old newborn when a loud crash woke them up. Jeremy said he then saw a man with gold teeth staring down at them at the end of their bed, and instinctively went into protect mode.


While Anna grabbed the baby and hid in the closet, Jeremy barrelled at the two intruders like a linebacker, pushing them into the living room and yelling at them to "get out."

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When the criminals countered with, "We got guns!" Jeremy replied with, "I got a newborn!"

Turns out the wrath of a Papa Bear protecting his week-old daughter is a solid match-up against automatic weapons.

The burglars, obviously aware that Jeremy wasn't playing around, took Anna's car keys and drove off in her Mazda.

Police recovered the car and apprehended the bad guys only 20 minutes later -- another house in the neighborhood had been broken into by these crooks, and cops were hot on their tail when they entered Jeremy's Dad Den of Dread and Defense. It didn't take them long to finally catch up with these guys and make some arrests.

So listen, I gotta say, I'm blown away by Jeremy's gut reaction to defend his fiance and baby. I'd like to assume I'd do the same thing, charge the bad guys and force them out despite their giant guns, but if I ever see a stranger at the foot of my bed with a grill, I'd probably just pee myself then pass out with fear.

Jeremy knew what had to be done and wasn't afraid to act. And kudos to Anna, as well, who took the baby out of the fray and into, at least, momentarily safety. And apparently, baby Jenna slept through the whole thing.

Lesson to all burglars out there -- don't test the courage or the backbone of a new dad. He's given incredible, protective strengths as soon as he becomes a father, and he's not afraid to use them.

The intruders face multiple felony charges.

Have you ever gone into superhuman protect mode as a parent?


Photo via Stacy Lynn Photography/Flickr

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