Newborn Boy Mislabeled a Girl at Hospital Reminds Moms to Keep Tabs on Their Babies

newborn feetEven though hospitals usually have things under control when it comes to keeping track of newborn babies, once in a while there's a slip-up, well -- because everyone makes mistakes.

Just last week we heard about the mom who breastfed the wrong baby, and today, there's a new report out of Jacksonville, Florida detailing how a mom realized her newborn boy had been mislabeled a girl -- and had even been listed with the name of the wrong mother.

(What the heck is going on with these hospitals?)


Karen Butler was, of course, shocked when she realized the mistake involving her baby boy, Kendrick.

She said, "Anything could have happened. What if they gave him the wrong shot, or if they gave him the wrong medicine, anything."

Luckily any sort of crisis was averted thanks to the fact that Karen was paying close attention to details, which is something all new moms should do while they're in recovery in the maternity ward.

I can remember being a little bit paranoid about my son accidentally being switched with another baby, so I always studied him up and down when the nurses brought him to me just to make sure he was mine, all mine. (Geez. I probably should've lightened up a tad.)

But when you're completely exhausted, and it's dark in the room because you're desperately trying to get a few minutes of sleep before they come and take your vitals for the umpteenth time, I guess it's possible that you could overlook a detail like a mislabeling.

There are, however, a few little tricks you can use to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you and give you the fright of your life.

Keep your baby in the room -- If your newborn never leaves your side, there's really no chance of an incident occurring while he's being moved back and forth from the nursery.

Bring a unique little hat -- All babies are given the same tiny striped hat after they're born, and it must be kind of hard to tell them apart from other newborns at first glance. Bringing your own hat with you to the hospital that has a specific color or design will help you keep tabs on your baby.

Check for birthmarks -- My son has a tiny birthmark on his toe, which made it really easy to identify him even with all of the other babies in the nursery.

Get to know the nurses and ask for ID -- If you aren't familiar with a certain nurse, don't be afraid to speak up and ask her to show ID before she takes your newborn back to the nursery.

Do these recent hospital mix-ups freak you out?


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