10 Mom Blogger Controversies That Blew Up the Web in 2012

TIME Breastfeeding coverIf you have ever questioned the true power of moms who blog, 2012 was the year that should have stopped you in your tracks. From the cover of national magazines to morning talk shows, mom bloggers have been the talk of the nation -- sometimes for good, and sometimes for ... well, moms may never forget the tag line "Are You Mom Enough?" NEVER.

Here's a look back at some of the biggest controversies surrounding mom bloggers in 2012.


1. TIME Breastfeeding Cover. Jamie Lynne Grumet certainly got the world up in arms when she appeared on the cover of TIME magazine with her toddler son perched on a chair breastfeeding. The reactions ran the gamut from moms who applauded the mom who writes I Am Not the Babysitter for standing up for attachment parents to parents angered by the "Are You Mom Enough?" tag line paired with the piece.

2. Mom Outs Deadbeat Dad on Blog. Alana Joy wasn't holding back when she blogged about the man who left her -- and their baby -- high and dry during her pregnancy. Some say she spoke for every single mom dealing with a deadbeat ex; others criticized her for taking a private matter public. Either way, she certainly got the guy's attention!

3. Mom Tells the World About Teenager's First Break-Up. Think breaking up is hard to do? How about learning that your mom shared all the dirty details of your first ever break-up with a guy on the Internet ... and tried to play like it was really her pain?

4. Mom Live Tweets Her House Fire. When Monica Bielanko's house went up in flames, the woman who writes The Girl Who did what she always does: shared it on social media. But that didn't sit well with a large portion of the Internet, especially after fellow bloggers tried to launch a fundraiser for Bielanko and husband Serge (who also blogs). Some called out this mom as financially irresponsible for not having renter's insurance. Others told the haters to can it and sent money anyway.

5. Mom's Hospital Packing List Brings in the Hate. There are things in life worth getting upset about. Then there's the list Elena of Art of Making a Baby created as she was ready to go to the hospital for her delivery. Somehow this sweet little thing actually drew hundreds of people ... to treat this mom like she'd committed a heinous felony. Really, people?

6. Marina Krim's Blog Shows Her Kids Before Horrific Tragedy. Shortly after the news broke that two children had been found dead and their nanny arrested for the crime, their mother's blog was uncovered. Some went to gawk. Some went to criticize. And others went to see the photos of the little kids and assure ourselves that before tragedy they lived good lives, quiet lives, with parents who truly loved them.

7. I Am Adam Lanza's Mother. Just days after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary came the blog post from Anarchist Soccer Mom, a mom who wrote of her own son and his violent tendencies, a mom who feared for her life and that of her other children. It went viral, earned Liza Long spots on morning talk shows, and not surprisingly, courted controversy as well. Several bloggers have criticized Long for other facets of her life and parenting -- all readily available on her blog.

8. Mom Bloggers Mocked in the New Yorker. If you're nobody until somebody talks about you, then what are you when you've been mercilessly mocked in one of the nationa's top magazines? Writer Jenny Allen wrote a derisive article meant to look like a real mom blog post, and when it hit the pages of the New Yorker, it exploded.

9. Blogger Plagiarizes Another's Pregnancy and Sex Life and Passes It Off as Her Own. When some-time The Stir contributor and well-known blogger Amalah wrote about intimate moments in her life, it was to share them with the world, to inspire, to make sure people did not feel alone. It was not to have someone co-opt her experiences and pass them off as her own, which is just what Amalah said blogger Kristen Ruiz did in a scandal that kept the blogosphere buzzing for days this past spring.

10. Dooce Gets Divorced. Less scandal than major happening, the news that Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) was getting divorced from her husband and partner in creating her blog-based media empire swept across the Internet. These two worked together in making her one of the most famous (if not THE most famous) mom blogger, but sadly their successes did not carry over into their marriage.

What was the mom blogging controversy that really got you talking this year? Did it make our list?


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