Kid Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ With Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleaders Is Best Version Yet (VIDEO)

Kid dancing tampa bay buccaneersFine, say what you will about Psy and "Gangnam Style," the song and YouTube video that's officially taken over the universe and still doesn't want to seem to die, but you gotta give it one thing: the videos/dances that have come out as a result of the song have been pretty fun to watch. Case in point is a video of the coolest kid ever dancing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders and mascot. The kid gets so into it and the audience goes freakin' nuts. It's the perfect pick-me-up for a dreary December Monday!

Cute, talented kid, sexy cheerleaders, "Gangnam Style," "Teach Me How to Dougie," thousands of screaming fans, football ... everything about this video simply can't go wrong. But, yeah, overall, this kid just kills it.


Here it is!

What skills, right? He's definitely a much better dancer than I am, though that ain't saying much. I see a bright future (and most likely a prom king title) in store for him. And every single straight male football fan is probably super jealous of him being that close to those cheerleaders.

The Bucs' mascot is called "Captain Fear," so this young dude's nickname is appropriately "Little Fear" -- that's awesome, but in case you want to know, his real name is Christian. This performance took place on November 25 against the Atlanta Falcons, but the video's been making the rounds ever since, and Little Fear's become more and more involved with the Bucs' halftime shows. Christian's become quite the little celebrity since then, and it's all well deserved. Hope to see more of him before the season's over!

Are you impressed with this kid's moves? Are you sick of "Gangnam Style"?


Image via JKosby08/YouTube

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