Mom Still 'Sees' 3 Children She Lost in Horrific Christmas Fire

madonna badger christmas fire deathLast Christmas the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to a mother happened to Madonna Badger. This mother of three little girls lost all of them, as well as both of her own parents, in a house fire on December 25. I think all of us can relate to Badger's suicidal feelings -- and attempt -- over the past year, as well as her ex-husband's desire to harm Badger and her boyfriend, who was also in the house. I honestly don't think I could go on after suffering such a horrific tragedy. It's simply unthinkable.

But Badger is starting to come out of the pain and find a small amount of peace a year later, as she told Matt Lauer on TODAY.  While getting far away from anything that reminds her of Christmas seems like a great idea, and working with children who have lost their families an even better one, the other thing that is keeping her going is somewhat shocking.

Madonna Badger says she still sees her girls, and they talk to her.


Clearly Badger is a religious woman, perhaps more so after this loss, which helps explain her strength. In addition to her fear of what will happen if she were to take her own life, Badger has a newly developed sense that heaven does exist, and her daughters are waiting there for her. In the meantime, her daughters appear to her and tell her everything is going to be OK. Wow.

I think we all wish that we could connect with someone we love who has passed on, but it never seems to happen. Or rather, it's a rare occurrence and can sometimes be attributed to something else. My dream about my grandmother after she died, for example. It could be explained away by my subconscious really wanting to talk to her one more time. Or it could be something extraordinary. I'm a skeptic, but would love to believe. 

Badger does believe her 7-year-old twins, Lily and Sarah, came to her and their words keep her going. It would be so comforting to know the spirits of your loved ones were out there, and could comfort you when you need it most. Certainly it's helpful to Madonna Badger, a woman who needs it more than anyone else right now. For her sake, I truly hope seeing her daughters gets her through her darkest moments.

Have you ever talked with someone who has passed?

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