3-Year-Old Saves His Mom's Life by Making His First Phone Call Ever

cell phoneIn case of emergency, would your preschooler know what to do? One 3-year-old saved his mother's life with one key phone call on her BlackBerry. Cally Wooton had gone into a diabetic seizure when her son, Aaron Green, found her unconscious on the floor. He had never used her cellphone before, but somehow he managed to unlock it, scroll through the address book, and choose his grandmother's phone number.

Aaron's grandmother immediately raced to their home and called emergency. Cally ended up in a coma for five days, but she lived! She's recovering now, very much alive, and grateful for her quick-thinking son.


Cally jokingly says Aaron must have picked up how to use the phone from watching his mother "nattering" on the phone all the time. But that makes a lot of sense -- that's how kids learn how to do pretty much everything else, right? By watching us.

There have been times when I've become aware of exactly how closely my son watches me, and how much he picks up. It takes my breath away every time. 

This generation of kids is turning out to be incredibly tech savvy. You've heard the phrase "digital native," right? They're surrounded by so many gadgets it's like they're picking up how to use them almost like they're picking up on language.

Still, I'm impressed with Aaron. So was his teacher -- his preschool gave him a badge for bravery. But I'm sure no praise or award compares with just having his mother well and with him.

Does your toddler or preschooler know how to use a cellphone or computer?


Image via AngelaShupe.com/Flickr

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