Teachers Drag Blind 6-Year-Old Through School Halls for Misbehaving (VIDEO)

school hallwayTwo teachers from a Santa Fe grade school are facing charges of child abuse after they were caught on camera dragging a 6-year-old blind boy down the hall after he refused to go to another classroom. One of his special-ed teachers grabbed him by the ankle, then another colleague took hold of the child's other leg, and they both pulled him along the ground. A third teacher watched the whole thing happen and will face consequences for not reporting the problem.

Thing is, the parents were reportedly very fond of their boy's teachers and felt that their child had a good relationship with them. So, is this child abuse, or something less severe?


That's up to the Sante Fe attorney to decide, but if I had to guess, looking in from the outside, it's a little bit in between. "Child abuse" seems a little extreme here ... but maybe there's more than meets the eye. It's really hard to say, so maybe I should stop "saying" anything, but the story looks to be more gray than it does black and white.

The sergeant on the case, however, sums it up pretty nicely. Police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns explained, "We don't believe the teacher was intentionally trying to hurt the child, but our problem is the blatant neglect for his safety."

That's exactly it. It doesn't look like the teachers were trying to injure the boy, but at the same time, in what state of mind do you have to be in to think that it's OK to drag a child, disabled or not, to a classroom? It shows extremely poor judgement. Even if it was purposely malevolent, still, like, no. Treat the child, and yourself, with dignity and find another way to solve the problem.

Bottom line -- you can't excuse inexcusable behavior. I'm sure these teachers will have to face the music, whatever it may be.

Do you think this is child abuse?


Photo via stephendepolo/Flickr

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