Couple Adopts 2 Special Needs Babies & Teaches Us a Lesson in Unconditional Love (VIDEO)

special needs babies

Opening up your home and adopting a baby who needs loving parents is always a blessing, but one couple from New York went one step further in adding to their family.

Kristen and David Coffee adopted two babies -- both of whom have Down's Syndrome. They already have one biological child, a 9-year-old son, but then while Kristen was sitting in church one Sunday morning, she suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to give a special needs baby a loving home.


And after successfully adopting one son, Elijah, in 2011, the couple learned that another Down's baby was in need of a good home, and without hesitation, they welcomed baby Gabe into their family just before Christmas of last year.

Watch this video clip to hear their heartwarming story.

Wow -- how amazing are these people? Didn't you absolutely melt after seeing those precious babies cuddle up to them, as if knowing Kristen and David were meant to be their parents all along.

It takes a special kind of person to not only willingly adopt two kids with special needs, but also to have such a positive attitude and calm demeanor to be able to handle taking care of two little ones who require an extra element of patience and understanding.

And it's also impossible not to be touched by how well 9-year-old Caleb has adjusted to having two new little siblings in his life. It's easy to see just how much he loves his baby brothers by watching him interact with them, and it's highly obvious that they adore him equally as much.

No matter how many challenges they face in the future, something tells me this family will come out on top and will only develop a stronger bond with each passing year.

Hearing about their selfless good deeds is such a great reminder of what truly makes a family a family -- unconditional love.

Have you ever thought about adopting a special needs child?


Image via WGRZ

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