12-Year-Old 'Throws' Wrestling Match So Boy With Cerebral Palsy Can Win (VIDEO)

cerebral palsy wrestlerThirteen-year-old Jared Stevens is just like any other kid his age, intellectually and emotionally. Physically, on the other hand, he has the capacity of 6-month-old: Jared has cerebral palsy. But he's still determined to live the life of an average 13-year-old kid -- he's even on his middle school's wrestling team! According to his coach Clay Mayes, the seventh grader practices with his team every day, so naturally he wanted to participate in a match like everybody else. Mayes knew he deserved a chance, so when it came to matching up wrestlers, he called up the other school's coach to explain: “It wasn’t about weight class ... I told him to point me toward the kid who has the kindest heart.”

And that's exactly what he got.


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Twelve-year-old Justin Kievit did something very few 12-year-old wrestlers would be willing to do: He threw the match. In the kindest way possible. After shaking hands with Jared, Justin got down on the floor and let himself be "pinned" by helping Jared to wrap his arm around him. 

Not surprisingly, when Jared's dad posted a video of the match to Facebook, it went viral in about half a second. The clip literally defines "heartwarming." As a parent, I would be pretty much bursting with pride if either one of these boys were my son. Just watch:

Amazing, right? I'm blown away by Jared's bravery and Justin's compassion. So inspiring. 

Can you imagine your kid doing something like this?


Image via TOCZone/YouTube

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