Frustrated Guy Tries to Open a Toy Package & Boy, Do We Feel His Pain (VIDEO)

Christmas morning with kids is the best thing ever...until you actually have to take the toys out of that ridiculous packaging, usually while the kids are begging you to open it right now please please pleeeaaasseee...and you're wielding a knife or scissors on not enough sleep and too much coffee. Whoever invented these things hates parents, I think.


In the latest episode of Mom Vs. Man, Lauren O'Quinn gets an unsuspecting guy to attempt to take a toy out of its packaging in a minute or less.

Let me just say my daughter got this same toy for her birthday earlier this week, and based on that I can say this scene is unrealistic because no one is swearing under their breath or nearly losing a finger.

Check it out:


What's your favorite trick for getting toys out of their packaging?

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Image via CafeMom Studios

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