Mom Who Was Missing for 2 Weeks Says She Just Needed to 'Get Away'

beach vacationAbout two weeks ago Debra Miller, Pennsylvania mom to a teenage daughter, went missing. She was last seen returning from grocery shopping on November 17. Calls to her cellphone went unanswered. Her car remained parked at her home. But there was no sign of Debra anywhere. Authorities combed the area and her family and friends put out fliers and social media posts in a desperate search to find the missing mom.

Finally Debra was found! A miracle -- or... not? Seems Debra was just went on a little ol' vacation in Florida and never bothered to tell anyone. She reportedly says she just "needed to get away."


Okay, let me just say what some of you may be thinking but do not dare say aloud: OMG, I'VE BEEN DREAMING OF DOING THE SAME EXACT THING!

I mean, obviously this was stunningly irresponsible of Debra. She didn't just miss Thanksgiving, she also missed her 14-year-old daughter's birthday. Her brother says it was so unlike her to just up and disappear like that without telling anyone. I imagine her daughter said something like, "Mom, we're so glad to see you safe! But... WTF?!?" In Debra's defense, I'm sure her life must have been very stressful for her to run off like this.

But haven't you ever just wanted to drop everything and run off to someplace sunny and carefree? Don't tell anyone, don't check your messages or email, just walk out the door and don't stop until you're on a beach somewhere. (Or in Orlando, in Debra's case.)

I know I've thought about it. (Southern Spain) I would never do such a thing... well, at least not until my son is old enough to take care of himself. And then? Wow, see how easy it would be to justify? I almost admire Debra for being so bold. I'm NOT, repeat, NOT going to run away any time soon. But I'm a little inspired -- there must be some smaller way for me to work in a little mini-escape.

Have you ever fantasized about running away without telling anyone?


Image via merfam/Flickr

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