Free, Personalized Video From Santa to Your Kid Will Guarantee Good Behavior (VIDEO)

santa clausBesides carting your kid off to the mall to "sit on Santa's lap" and making sure the cookies left out on Christmas Eve are gone in the morning, there's not a whole lot parents can do to reinforce the existence of Old St. Nick. (Although I did know one person whose dad hid outside her window, jingling bells, to approximate the sound of reindeer approaching. Don't think she really bought it, unfortunately.) Anyway, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, now parents have a new way to make the legend of Kris Kringle come to life -- and it's free!! God bless us, every one!


Portable North Pole is offering free, personalized video messages from Santa to celebrate the site's 5th anniversary, and hey, why NOT send one to your little guy or gal? If my kids were younger, I would totally do it. The "Santa's watching" warning would be even more effective! Alas, they're too jaded and world-weary to fall for such trickery and can only be threatened with juvie. (KIDDING!)

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Check out this video:

Cute, right? What did you think?

Will you send a personalized video message from Santa to your kid?


Image via PNPSanta/YouTube

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