Awe-Inspiring Toddler Learns to Walk With Prosthetic Leg (VIDEO)

toddlerFile this under awesome. A Tulsa, Oklahoma toddler is learning to walk on his prosthetic leg, and isn't tentative at all. Lincoln Mouser was born four months early, weighed just over a pound when he entered the world, and lost most of his right leg due to a circulation problem. Thanks to advances in science that never cease to amaze, Lincoln's impressing doctors, technicians, and his parents with his gusto for getting on his feet. This little guy can't be stopped!


Reportedly, and understandably, Lincoln treats his false leg like it's his own -- he doesn't know any different. The prosthesis can be adjusted as the little tyke grows, and Lincoln will visit the Hangar Clinic every month to make sure his leg can support his ever-increasing weight and height.

His parents think their little boy is a "breath of fresh air" and an "inspiration" and it's hard not to agree with them. Obviously, many of us take our limbs for granted ... it's just cool that Lincoln might grow up with such an advanced and comfortable prosthesis that he, too, might join in our general presupposition that walking is a given.



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