Pretending to Be Your Kid on Facebook Is Just Plain Creepy

computerAre you one of those people who can't believe parents allow their young kids (way younger than 13) on Facebook? Oh lambs, that bit of crazy is old news. There is a new crew of nutso parents in town. They're the ones who build a Facebook page for their kids ... and then maintain it themselves.

Not sure what I mean? Well, imagine you log online to see a photo of a little boy and his mom at the park in your feed. Underneath, you'll read a caption that says something like, "Mom and I went to the park." It's written from the kid's point of view. Only the kid didn't write it.


I first encountered this particular brand of crazy in the form of a mom whose young son tried to friend me. Because I'm nosy, I checked his page out and realized something sounded ... off. What 7-year-old would "like" causes?

I'm sorry if you want to go off on some sancti-mommy diatribe about your sweet little giver who always asks for canned goods at his birthday party (yeah, bullshit, YOU ask for canned goods), but I'm realistic. I have a 7-year-old. She would like the hell out of My Little Pony (if I were one of those parents who lets a young child on Facebook, which I'm not). She would completely bypass the American Red Cross.

Go ahead and call my daughter a little a-hole, but at least she comes by it naturally. Other kids are getting reps -- good or bad -- that aren't exactly honest.

Because this mom is not alone. When I ranted about this mom to a few other friends, I found out several had encountered this "Parent Posing as Kid on Facebook" phenomenon.

The severity varies. Some parents acquit themselves at least a little by making it clear that while the name at the top of the page is their kid's, they are posting (let me be clear: this still confuses me completely because if you're so intent on posting to Facebook, why not just use your own damn name?).

But my real beef is with the parents who devote actual time to building a Facebook page for their kids in what the rest of us are supposed to believe is their child's "tone" with STFU Parents worthy status updates such as, "I told Mom I like the smell of my own farts!" and links to toy sites with the comment, "This is what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas!"

Can you imagine what life will be like for these kids when they're old enough to create an actual social media presence, and they're running up against the faux versions? Can you imagine trying to explain to your child why you posed as them for years?

I'm as guilty as the next parent of proudly sharing photos and the occasional anecdote from my kid on my personal page, but in 10 years, those status updates will all still have my name beside them. Can you say the same?

Have you encountered these kiddie Facebook pages? How do you feel about them? Cute or creepy?


Image via kalyan02/Flickr

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