Military Dad Surprises Daughter During Dance Class After 30 Years of Service (VIDEO)

dad hugging daughterSurprise military homecoming stories always make me weepy, but this one that happened last week in Nevada really brought on the tears. There are just so many aspects of it that make it so special and moving.

According to Fox 5, Sgt. Maj. Ronald Morse had served in the military for 30 years. You can just imagine all of the special events he missed, and the milestones big and small that he sacrificed with his family to serve our country in those three decades. This year, he was set to miss yet another Thanksgiving as he was completing the final mission of his career -- a tour of Afghanistan with the Nevada National Guard.

When after 14 months there he got news that he was being sent home early, he and his wife started planning a big Thanksgiving surprise. 


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They didn't tell any of their four children, but rather had him walk right into to one of the regular old dance classes of his youngest daughter, Rylee Morse. There she was, dancing away, when all of a sudden you see her eyes light up and the smile flood her face. Then she runs into his arms, her siblings join in on the hugs, and it's just beautiful. You can only imagine how special their Thanksgiving was with this most unexpected but most welcome guest. 

The kids' mom, Tammy Morse, summed up perfectly why these elaborate homecomings are so moving and so embraced by military families. She told the station:

Military kids take a lot. They get all the bad, not always the good. Just to give them this gift, the excitement. It was hard to pull it off but it was good.

So very good. Watch for yourself.

Did this make you teary?

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