Pregnant Woman Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Beat the Disease & Kept Her Baby (VIDEO)

raizel paul hogan jamie isensteinSimply being pregnant is enough to deal with without adding other health challenges to the mix. But for many women, complications do arise, and in some cases, they can be a scary diagnosis with seriously bad timing -- like breast cancer, which can occur in about one every 3,000 pregnancies. One New York mama named Jamie Isenstein recently battled the disease through her pregnancy. But today, she and her husband, Paul Hogan, are feeling especially thankful. Because despite the diagnosis, Jamie managed to beat the disease ... and have a healthy baby girl!

That's not to say it hasn't been a difficult road. When Jamie was only two months pregnant and first diagnosed with breast cancer, she said she "was a basket case pretty much the whole time. It was nerve-wracking. I was really nervous.” Geeze, can you blame her?!


Her husband Paul admitted too: “It feels like the worst news you could possibly get." Nonetheless, they had to face a difficult choice right out the gate: Jamie could have surgery and chemo right away, which would have increased her chances of survival but pretty much ensure that she would lose the baby. OR ... she could wait until her second trimester, when it would be safer for the baby.

But to the couple, they didn't really feel like they even had the option. They had to do whatever they could to save Jamie ... and their baby. Still, Jamie worried a lot, though, explaining:

What if the chemotherapy didn’t work and then I had a brand new baby, and then I die? I was scared that that would happen.

So heart-wrenching. Nobody should have to face questions or fears like that. But Jamie bravely pressed forward, getting chemo, radiation, and a mastectomy during the pregnancy. She and the baby had to be monitored very closely.

Like any cancer survivor, Jamie will have at least annual checkups for the rest of her life, and they'll keep an eye on Raizel for any learning or developmental problems. But so far, it all seems as though things couldn't have worked out in a more amazing, happy way for this little family. What they've been through is definitely an inspiration -- one that should certainly offer anyone in a similar position a lot of hope.

Here's the local CBS story on Jamie, Paul, and Raizel ...


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