Baby Declared Dead by Doctors Is Born Alive (VIDEO)

Noah Ignacio GuzmanLittle Noah Ignacio Guzman is being called a Thanksgiving miracle. And whether you believe in miracles or not, there's no denying it's a pretty incredible story.

It started on Thanksgiving Day when his mother, Jocelyn Robinson, was rushed to the hospital with severe bleeding and complications from placenta previa. According to ABC 7, after doctors performed an ultrasound, they delivered the devastating news -- her baby had died in utero. There was no heartbeat, and they would have to perform surgery to remove the baby and save Jocelyn's life.

It was during that surgery, however, that they got an incredible and wonderful surprise.


Doctors heard the baby they thought was dead gasp. Then he did it again. They realized he was alive, and they went into action immediately to deliver him.

Shortly thereafter, Noah entered the world, weighing 4 pounds, 13 ounces. While he's in intensive care, he's alive; and his parents, understandably are ecstatic. "I'm very, very blessed -- I really, really am....God heard my prayers," said the baby's mother, Jocelyn Robinson.

Doctors agree. "It's a miracle -- you can't say anything other than that," said Dr. Kimberly Sampson of Sinai Medical Group.

It's hard to imagine the extreme range of emotions that family felt in such a short period of time, but ultimately they got a happy ending. I hate that my skeptical side gets in the way and wonders if it wasn't an initial medical error that missed the heartbeat. But regardless, the outcome is wonderful and amazing, and I'd much rather chalk it up to a miracle than anything else too. The fact that it all happened on Thanksgiving just makes it even more amazing, and I'm sure they'll be extra thankful for this little guy always. 

Do you think this was a miracle?


Image via ABC7

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