3-Year-Old Hostess Muffin Fan Throws Tantrum When He Hears Baker Has Closed (VIDEO)

lucas hostessThe devastating news that Hostess is going out of business has been hitting consumers hard. Well, it's been hitting some consumers harder than others. Some adults responded by buying up all the Twinkies and selling them on eBay. And other people are just crying. Like little Lucas here, a three-year-old who can't bear the idea that his beloved chocolate chip muffins may soon disappear. Time for a HOSTESS MELTDOWWWNNN!


Okay, this looks familiar -- not so much because of the Hostess bit, but because of the obsession. Kids get fixated on their favorite brands! Not only do they want their ONE favorite food, it has to be that ONE particular variety of that ONE particular brand. Good luck getting Lucas to accept some other company's chocolate chip muffin. And I bet if Hostess makes a similar blueberry muffin Lucas would want nothing to do with it.

I have a kid at home who loves Chinese pot stickers. But not just any pot stickers! They have to be the chicken pot stickers made by this company that puts panda bears on the packages. Only these pot stickers will do. Accept no substitutes, for they will bring tears and rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth. (Well not really, but he gets really disappointed.)

Poor Lucas! No, scratch that. Poor Lucas' parents! If only they knew: Just because Hostess is going out of business doesn't mean these treats will go away. Other companies have been bidding on everything from the equipment to the recipes, so those chocolate chip muffins may not disappear from shelves after all. Then again, this could be an exciting new opportunity for Lucas' parents to break his addiction to Hostess chocolate chip muffins.

Is your toddler "addicted" to one very special food?


Image via Heather Carr/YouTube

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