7-Year-Old's Medical Marijuana Habit Is No Reason for Dad to Be Angry

marijuanaHow's this for a question that doesn't usually come up at Mommy and me? Would you give your 7-year-old marijuana? Erin Purchase does, and her ex-husband is none too happy about it. Agree with him? Just wait.

Erin's daughter has cancer. Mykayla Comstock is already being pumped full of chemotherapy drugs. Still think giving a 7-year-old pot is such a big deal?


I'm going to come right out and admit I would do exactly what Erin is doing for MyKayla, and likely in the same exact way.

The pot the 7-year-old is taking is generally in the form of pills, not a joint. She gets about a gram of cannabis oil every day, administered by Erin or her boyfriend. Although the little girl says it makes her "feel funny," she also says it helps her eat and sleep.

That's good enough for me.

I've seen what cancer does to grownups. I remember visiting my grandfather in the hospital and later in his bed at home where he eventually lost his battle with prostate cancer. As you can imagine, it wasn't pleasant. To think of a child withstanding all of that leaves me close to tears. These kids are bearing a situation that's already marked them for life. If there's something we can do to help them, to make it all easier, why not?

I understand that Mykayla's dad, Jesse, worries about the long-term affects of marijuana on his little girl. He sounds like a caring guy who is just looking out for his kid. But what does it say that we'll accept the harsh chemicals of chemotherapy but turn up our noses at marijuana? I've read the science on both over the years, and I have to say the former scares me significantly more than the latter.

I think we'd all prefer kids didn't get cancer. But as long as it's happening, I see medical marijuana usage with pediatric cancer patients only growing in popularity.

What would you do if Myakyla were your child? Would you give her marijuana?


Image via Paige Filler/Flickr

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