Old Lady Trips Over Carseat in Store & People Start Judging the Mom Who Left It There

infant car seatThere's a discussion going on over in the CafeMom Newcomers Club today over whether or not infant carriers should be placed on the ground out in public, which is something I'm sure we'll all admit to doing on more than one occasion.

I mean, infant carriers are pretty darn heavy, and if you need both hands free, where else are you supposed to put it other than on the ground?

Well, one member witnessed another mother having a bit of a scary incident by choosing to do so. Here's her description of what she saw go down during a recent shopping trip.


I was at Macy's today, there were 3 people in line. An old lady who was paying, a mom with a newborn in a carrier and me at the end.
The lady in front of me with the infant carrier sets the carrier on the floor beside her. The old lady paying in front of her takes a step backwards, when she did she tripped over the infant carrier and fell directly on top of the newborn, she had no idea the carrier was there. Old lady is hurt, baby is hurt, everyone is screaming at each other. Ambulance had to be called, both old lady and newborn went to the ER.
While out in a public place, do not sit your infant carrier on the ground!

While some members are reacting solely to what happened by showing concern for the baby and the elderly woman injured, others are basically calling the mom who placed the car seat on the floor irresponsible, and saying she should've been paying attention to what was going on around her.

Good grief! Can't a girl catch a break? Just because her arms needed a little relief doesn't make her a bad mom, and I highly doubt she had any intention of hurting anyone when she placed that carrier on the floor. Plus, that old woman could have just as easily lost her footing and fallen if the carrier weren't even there.

And besides the fact that this was nothing more than a freak accident, I can't help but wonder how many dumb things the moms criticizing her have done with their own kids, because I don't care who you are -- ALL moms make mistakes from time to time.

I know I'll never forget my first, "Wow, I'm the worst mom on the planet" moment. My son was about 4 months old, and while I was doing laundry, I laid him down in the middle of my king-sized bed so I could run down the hall and grab the clean clothes from the dryer, and as soon as I got to the laundry room, I heard a thud. And I knew before I even made it back to the bedroom that I would find my precious baby boy lying on the floor.

He was lying there on his back with a wide-eyed look, and as soon as he saw me, he burst into tears, and so did I. Apparently he'd gotten much better at rolling over than I thought, and even though I'd put him in the middle of the bed plenty of times before, this time he managed to get himself all the way to the edge.

I felt absolutely terrible, but you know what? I was a new mom, and I made a new mom mistake. And I learned my lesson and it never happened again.

The poor mom with the infant carrier deserves to be cut some slack, because she's allowed to mess up from time to time just like the rest of us. Hmm. How does that whole, "let she who has never screwed up cast the first stone" story go again?

Have you had a "worst mom on the planet" moment yet?


Image via drewgstephens/Flickr

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