Dad Tried to Give 3-Year-Old Away at Bus Station & We Wish Someone Had Taken Him Up on It

abandoned teddy bearIn a recent heartbreaking story, a 31-year-old Wisconsin man, Joseph Corter, was arrested after trying to give his 3-year-old son away at a bus station. According to CBS, Corter was intoxicated at the time, and approached some complete strangers to take the boy off his hands. When no one would agree to do so, he just started to leave ... without his son.

Fortunately, he was stopped by security before he did so, and police arrested him. The boy was taken into DCFS custody, and the dad charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. A misdemeanor.


There's no report as to what will happen now, but I imagine if it's a first offense there may be some classes or counseling required, but the boy will likely be back with his father before we can blink. Back with a man who tried to give him away. And I can't help but thinking how wrong that might be.

While I know no one ever wants to see a child separated from a parent except as a last resort, it's not always best to keep children with their parents. We honestly don't know enough about this particular case to say, but in general, some people are just not fit to serve as parents. No matter how many chances they get or how much help they're offered; they're just not. There are plenty of reasons that get in the way from substance abuse to mental illness, and some people are able to overcome them and improve their lives. So many others do not, and it's the children left hurting as they try and fail -- in and out of systems and dangerous and heartbreaking situations.

We obviously can't have people just giving their children away to random strangers, but there's a little part of me when I hear stories like this that always feels a bit disappointed that some loving stranger didn't say yes; yes, I'll take this poor child and give him a better life. No social workers, no foster care, no trauma of a big fight. Just yes, if you don't want this child, I do, and I'll care for him in the way he deserves to be cared for.

When parents try to give their children away is there a little part of you that wishes someone would take them and raise them lovingly?


Image via olivierthereaux/Flickr

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