Pregnant Woman Gets Stopped for Speeding & Delivers Baby on Side of the Road

police lightsWhen I was pregnant, I dreamed of that race to the hospital and worried about all of the things that could happen en route to prevent me from getting there. Two medically necessary scheduled C-sections meant none of them happened to me, but I'm always fascinated by stories of those to whom they do.

Take this woman from Bellville, Ontario, who got stopped for speeding while she was in labor this weekend. There she was just trying to get to the hospital in time when she saw the flashing lights of a police officer. So she pulled over, with one heck of a good excuse.

That's when the police officer got what was probably the biggest surprise of his career.


According to Quinte News, the baby was on its way right then and there. The officer determined there was no time to get to the hospital, so he went into action. There, on the side of the road, he helped her deliver her baby boy, which she named Dakota.

Mother and baby are reportedly doing just fine, and fortunately the officer didn't issue a ticket in this case. (Can you imagine if he did?!) So it was a happy ending all around, but what a birth story.

If I were her, I think I might have just kept going when I heard the sirens and explained myself at the hospital. But if she was that far along, it may have been best that she did stop for the officer instead of being alone and trying to deliver her baby by herself a little farther down the road. I'm just glad all turned out well.

As heart-dropping as I find stories like this, I also find them strangely reassuring. So often we build up birth to be this complicated, orchestrated event, but really -- in most situations -- our bodies know what to do, and babies enter the world just fine no matter where mom so happens to be at the time.

If you were in labor and speeding, would you pull over for a police officer?


Image via davidsonscott15/Flickr

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