Couples Trying to Adopt Babies From Craigslist Are Setting Themselves Up for Heartache (VIDEO)

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There are so many people in this country who will do just about anything to fulfill their dream of becoming parents, but some are so desperate that they're turning to an unlikely source to find a child.

More and more people are putting ads on Craigslist in the hopes of adopting a baby. Yes, Craigslist, as in the place you list the treadmill that's been collecting dust in your basement for two years to try and make a few hundred bucks.


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And I know what you're thinking, because I felt exactly the same way when I first heard about this new "method" of adoption. "For real? OMG. Isn't it kind of risky and shady to try and get a baby from Craigslist, and has it ever actually worked out for anyone?"

Well, yes, it's risky, and yes, sometimes it does work.

Take a look at this video clip to hear Tracey and Dan Citron's experience with connecting with their son Ben's birth mother on Craigslist. (Warning: You'll need tissues by the end.)

Wow. Didn't you want to reach out and hug Ben's birth mother after watching that? The Citrons' adoption story is definitely a positive one, but something tells me that nine times out of ten, Craigslist adoption attempts don't go quite as smoothly.

Take the other couple, Megan and Steve, who were also featured in ABC's report, for example. The minute they posted their ad, they got a call from a "pregnant" woman whose only intention was taking them for a ride -- not giving them a baby.

While there is the chance that plenty of couples will hear about the Citrons adopting Ben and think, "Hey, that sounds like a great idea! Let's get an ad up today!" -- there will probably be many more eager couples who fall victim to heartless people who will take advantage of their emotions, hope, and vulnerability all in an effort to scam the heck out them and walk away with a pocket full of cash.

And when it comes to welcoming a baby into your home, I'm just not sure going the Craigslist route is worth the potential agony.

Would you turn to Craigslist to adopt a child?


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