Teacher Punishes 'Bad' Readers By Letting Classmates Draw on Their Faces

markersThere's nothing like an innovative teacher to get kids motivated. But there's innovating. Then there's telling kids that if they don't reach their goals in reading they will be subjected to humiliation as their classmates use markers to draw all over their faces.

The kids were given a second option: lose out on recess. Think that sounds crazy? Just wait until you hear what the parents thought of this little teaching trick at the Cassia School District in Idaho.


Some of them are actually defending the teacher! One mom went so far as to say:

I'm one of many parents who stand by the teacher's methods and what she does. We think she's a wonderful teacher and we want to see her stay at Declo for many years to come.

I dare say she's picked the wrong horse in the race.

What happened to standing up for our kids? We send them to school so they can learn, not so a teacher can create a system where students are being encouraged to belittle their classmates. Can you say bullies in the making?

Whether these kids met their reading goals or not, the other kids shouldn't have been involved with their punishment. It's too easy for that to turn into a torture session.

I'm all for teachers thinking outside of the box to help kids learn. My daughter has had fabulous teachers thus far, all of whom have done things I never would have thought of to encourage her to take another step down the educational path. That's why they're the teachers, and I am the mother.

But not being up on teaching techniques doesn't make me a ninny. I still know what's right and wrong, and it's my job to call a teacher on the mat if she screws up. It's all of our jobs as parents.

What would you have done if your kid was the one being drawn on? Have you had to step in when a teacher's lesson has gone wrong?


Image via La Melodie/Flickr


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