Freak School Bus Crash Sends All 36 Kids on Board to the Hospital (VIDEO)

school bus crashIt was a harrowing bus ride home for 36 students of Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts in Somer Point, New Jersey on Monday. The school bus was taking the three dozen students home when a tire became loose on the Garden State Parkway and detached from the vehicle. Not wanting to veer into oncoming traffic, the bus driver drove off-road into a series of trees to bring the bus to a stop.

Miraculously, no one was seriously injured, but man, can you say nightmare?


Only four children were reported to have anything other than minor injuries, and all have been released from the hospital.

No official cause has been given for the reason the tire fell off the damn bus, but most parents News 10 talked to are just happy the bus driver knew how to handle the situation. Things could've been a hell of a lot worse, but thankfully, the driver remained calm, kept control, and drove the bus into trees she knew would stop the bus, but not go through the bus.

Many of us sends our kids off on those iconic yellow school buses every day, even waving peacefully as it rolls on down the road. We put a lot of faith in those big ole things to transport our children safely to and from home and school, so to hear that a tire freaking fell off on the highway is disconcerting, to say the least.

But, the silver lining here is the professionalism of the bus driver. If the school's gonna put kids on buses with faulty tires and axles, it's good to know they've hired safety-conscious drivers. Not that they knew the tire was going to come loose or anything, and yes, it was an accident, but you kind of have to wonder how old or ignored the bus had to be that such a major thing could go wrong.

So glad everyone's safe.

Are you ever nervous about school bus safety?

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