Parents Forced to Choose Between Their Home & Their Baby

baby and gamesAny parent will tell you that the first few months at home with a new baby are a bit on the challenging side (to say the least), and that's why it's best to keep your stress level to a minimum and avoid doing things that might shake up your life -- like moving.

But one couple from Canada obviously doesn't have much of a choice, because they're being forced out of their home because they have a baby now.

Thandi Schweitzer and Deb Rousseau have owned their condo for six years, and it just happens to be an adults-only building. And even though they knew when they decided it was time for a baby that they were living in a place that "doesn't allow" anyone under the age of 19, they really didn't think too much of it.


And why would they? As it turns out, other people with kids had been breaking the rules for years, and no one ever said a damn thing about it.

But now they've been told they have six months to either move out of the building, get rid of the baby (which I'm guessing isn't an option), or risk being taken to the Supreme Court if they refuse to vacate.

And Thandi admits they feel completely torn and says, "It’s give up your home or give up your child."

Ok, so normally I'd probably side with the building and say something along the lines of, "They knew it was an adults-only pad when they moved in, and they should've made plans to move out before they brought a baby into the mix."

But after hearing that other parents have lived in the same complex with their children and have never been given a problem, I'm definitely siding with the couple. I mean, what's the point of having rules if you're only going to enforce them at certain times, and on certain people?

If other residents weren't given the same ultimatum, then they shouldn't be either.

Although, if I were either Thandi or Deb, I'm not sure that I'd be too keen on staying in a place that frowns upon children even if they manage to get past the bylaw and are permitted to stay in their home. There are plenty of other places where they can live happily with their little one without having others turn their noses up to them or accuse them of being rule breakers. (Of course, that would mean they have to find a buyer for their unit, which is kind of a challenge these days.)

Ugh. Can moms ever win?

Do you think this couple should be forced to move out, and if you were them, would you consider staying for one second?


Image via Caitlinator/Flickr

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