Woman Gets Married While on Hospital Bed Rest & Delivers Baby Just Hours Later

just marriedParents-to-be Cynthia Reese, 27, and Michael Bof, 29, had planned to get married before the birth of their son. But you know what they say about the best laid plans going astray, and theirs did just that when Cynthia was admitted to the hospital on bed rest six weeks before her due date.

That might have been enough to make most couples postpone the nuptials, but not for this couple. Instead, Michael arranged for an officiant to come to the hospital to perform a quick, simple ceremony. But when the nursing staff got wind of their plans, they had other ideas.


According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the staff went over and above the call of duty when they learned of the couple's plans and stepped in to make it as special as possible. They helped orchestrate an incredibly sweet wedding right there in the hospital complete with all of the traditional trimmings ... with a twist.  

From getting brownies from the kitchen for a "reception" to buying flowers from the gift shop and constructing a wedding gown made from a bed sheet, they went all out. A nearby patient heard of their plans and donated some baby's breath from one of her own flower arrangements for Cynthia to wear in her hair; the medical photographer even came down to take pictures.

Amy Kilgore, manager of internal communications for Akron General Medical Center where the nuptials took place, told the paper:

As the bride was being wheeled down to the chapel, a visitor who was playing the piano in the lobby quickly found the music for the Wedding March so she could play it for them. They had a lovely ceremony in the chapel, and afterwards the nurses attached a ‘just married’ sign to the back of the wheelchair as they returned to her room, which the staff had fixed up for the reception. The newlyweds and their visitors had a wonderful time celebrating.

So sweet, and just in time too. It was just a couple of hours later that Michael Frederick Bof II arrived, weighing in at 4 pounds, 12 pounds.

What a day! What a birth story! They're going to have an awful lot to celebrate each year on that anniversary.

Personally, I probably would have waited so I could enjoy my wedding a bit more, but if it was that important to them, then good for them for getting it done just under the wire. Where there's a will, there can be a wedding, I guess. And kudos to that amazing nursing staff who made a day they could never forget into one that was beautifully memorable as well.

Was it important to you that you were married before you had children?


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