Dad Upset That Daughter Got Porn Lesson From Principal (VIDEO)

sexy pirateWhen it comes to our kids, we parents can be a delusional bunch. We hate it when other people criticize our kids. This certainly seems to be the case of the Michigan dad protesting the principal who told his daughter she looked like a "porn star" when she came to school in a sexy pirate Halloween costume.

Of course, no parent wants a school official to say such an offensive thing to a child. But how many of those parents would have actually let their 15-year-old head to class in that skimpy get-up?


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Steve Werner saw nothing wrong with the look. School principal Janet Jones didn't agree. As soon as the girl entered the school, she was called into the office. According to Werner,

She said to my daughter, "Honey, you look like a porn star." My daughter said, "What do you mean a porn star?" She goes, "You know, a porn star. You know what those people do?" My daughter said "no." So she elaborated to my daughter what a porn star was and what they do for a living.

She wasn't asked to leave but told to turn the bows on her stockings around because those made the outfit look more scandalous. After hearing about the exchange, he called Jones to complain. "She did admit to everything," he said. "She did say that all men watch porn and it's a fact of life and I should get real." That's when this dad really got fired up. He created a billboard that read, "Mrs. Jones taught my daughter about PORN" and "All men watch porn," plastered it to the side of a moving truck, and has been driving it around. 

"I wanted people to be aware about what was going on as far as the parents to see if we could get more advocates for situations like this," Werner said. "This is a form of bullying as far as I'm concerned and us as parents need to be more apt as to what bullying is and help the students out."

Well, since he started his crusade, things have certainly gotten worse for his daughter. Peers are sending her threats and nasty barbs via Facebook. And still this dad blames the principal for that: "They all believe Mrs. Jones is pure and perfect and she can't do nothing wrong. The principal admitting to the fault of what she did wrong was an admittance of guilt. If you're guilty then you need to apologize." He doesn't realize his own part in making this entire situation worse for his child. She must be mortified. As if high school wasn't hard enough!

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Do you think that outfit was appropriate? Did this dad do the right thing?

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