Mom Learns She's Pregnant With 'Miracle Baby' Days After Her Soldier Husband Is Killed (VIDEO)

baby bumpBeing married to a man in the military is never easy, but it's especially hard when you have children and are forced to be apart for months at a time.

And that's why when Bubba Bunting came home to for a two-and-a-half-week break from his Army training with the Afghani National Police, he and his wife Nikki were thrilled to be able to enjoy some down time together with their young son, Connor.

But just four days after he returned to Afghanistan, Bubba was tragically killed by an IED. And just four days after learning of his death, Nikki found out that she was pregnant with their second child.



After hearing Nikki talk about how badly she and Bubba wanted a second child, you can't help but be absolutely heartbroken over how close he was to learning that he was going to be a Daddy again before his life was taken away in an instant.

Even though Nikki and Bubba's second child, Cooper, is a miracle baby, it's still just so tough to think about that beautiful little boy never knowing his Daddy -- and to imagine being Nikki and giving birth to her second child without her husband by her side.

It's obvious that she's an incredibly strong woman, and it's also so wonderful that she goes to extra lengths to make sure her boys have a memory of their father. And Bubba's words to her just before he left for Afghanistan must give her a small piece of comfort -- he told her if anything ever happened to him, that he'd be ok, because he had all he ever wanted in life.

(If that doesn't make your eyes well up with tears, nothing will.)

What would you say to Nikki Bunting to try and offer her some comfort?


Image via Schwangerschaft/Flickr

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