Mom in Jail Is Missing Out on Motherhood: Should We Feel Bad? (VIDEO)


It's pretty easy to dismiss the sadness of women who are parenting behind bars. After all, they committed a crime against some cases, a really serious crime. Do they really deserve to see their kids?

But the fact is, they're moms, just like you or me, and kids need their moms. And in this latest edition of Moms Behind Bars, we meet Assia, who was convicted of robbery and second-degree murder when she was pregnant with her second child and when her first, a daughter, was only seven months old.

She is at a prison with a nursery, but she was denied permission to keep her son with her so he had to go live with his father, as her daughter does. Despite challenges in that relationship, she's managed to maintain a strong bond with her children and is trying hard to overcome her challenges. She even got an associate's degree this year.


It's hard not to feel sad for her, despite the awful things she's done, when she tears up talking about what she's missed. She's never celebrated a birthday or Christmas with her children. Not once.

It's also interesting to see the relationship the children have with their mom. You can see the love in their faces. It's hard to picture how keeping them away from her would be good for any of them....she'll be in prison until her kids are legal adults, or close to it, and missing out on a mother for their whole childhood wouldn't make their lives any happier, nor would it give Assia any incentive to better herself so she can stay straight once she gets out. Still, someone lost their life because of what she did. Is never seeing her children an acceptable punishment? And who would that really penalize, Assia or her kids?

What do you think of Assia's story?

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