6-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby Sister in Their Home's Bathroom

baby handThis story of a mom giving birth in her bathroom with only the assistance of her 6-year-old daughter is proof that there is power in love and being calm during labor. Of course, a fast delivery also helps. And a kid who watches medical shows.

That's exactly what happened when Kay Goodby, 28, of the UK went into labor in the middle of the night. Francesca, Kay's 6-year-old daughter, heard her mom screams when her water broke in the bathroom of their home. She came into the room and calmly starting talking her through the birth. Dad Michael went downstairs to call the paramedics, but Francesca was so effective as a midwife, baby was born before he came back upstairs. 


Francesca, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, told her mom she could see baby's head starting to crown. She went and got clean towels, and without panicking, told her mom to push. She told the Express UK, "I had to keep mummy calm. I didn't want the cord to be wrapped around Roisin’s neck because she might have died. I held her when she was born to keep her safe. I don't know how I knew about it but I do watch Casualty and like it a lot."

Roisin is what they named the 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl. And Casualty is the name of a medical show the family watches. Just last week there was an episode where a woman gave birth.

Kids sure do learn from what they see on TV. Further proof that what they are absorbing from SpongeBob sure is a waste when they can be watching medical shows, right? This inadvertent home birth went incredibly well, but mom Kay did think it was time earlier in the day. She went to her birthing center but was discharged because they felt she was only in the early stages of labor and had much more time. Kay's intuition was right, though. It was time just a few hours later, and with the help of her "midwife" daughter, everything went smoothly, and a healthy baby was born with an incredible birth story.

I think Francesca will make a wonderful doctor someday!

Were you or are you worried about going into labor at home when you aren't planning a home birth? Does this story ease your mind?


Image via Raphael Goetter/Flickr

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