Grandmother Arrested for Pushing Pills on Granddaughter to Help Her Kill Herself

pillsThe name grandmother always evokes imaging of someone caring, sweet, and nurturing. She is one of the people who is supposed to protect you. Though, it seems Yvette Lucas didn't get that memo. The woman was jailed for encouraging her own granddaughter to commit suicide.

After the 14-year-old girl confessed to her she had taken a bunch of pills because she wanted to die, Lucas allegedly told her to take even more, then sent her to bed.


The girl was staying with her grandmother after getting into an argument with her mother. Of course what should have been a refuge for the child was a house of horrors. Why on earth would a grandmother allow that child to take her own life? If it wasn't for a family friend who stopped by the next day, noticed that the teen was ill and called 911, she might have died.

This is a frightening reminder that just because someone is a family member, doesn't mean your child is safe with them. We give so much stock in the word "relative" and someone being "blood," but for so many children that meant nothing when it came to their safety. There are too many sickening stories out there to assume the best person to care for your child is always a family member. Children have been sexually abused or killed by cousins, uncles, aunts or siblings. Or a kid who dies in the care of a careless, reckless grandparent. It happens. Of course in the grand scheme of things, these cases are extremely rare, but parents have the responsibility to carefully consider everyone that comes in contact with their children. And when it comes to leaving your child with someone or letting them visit someone, the bar should be set very high.

Lucas, who was arrested and charged with first degree cruelty to children, has since been released. She reportedly claims that her granddaughter has mental health issues.  Is that really an excuse? Is allowing the child to die really the responsible thing to do? Of course not. Clearly this is a trouble child in a troubled family. Perhaps Lucas needs a psych evaluation herself.

What kind of punishment do you think this grandmother should receive?

Image via TheDarkThing/Flickr

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