9-Year-Old Spends $4,000 of Parents' Savings on Candy

candy storeKids love themselves some candy, right? Can't get enough. Never enough! Cause we're always cutting them off and making them brush their teeth and stuff. So of course the first place a 9-year-old is gonna go when he finds $4,000 hidden in his parents' couch is the candy store, right? Wait a minute ... what?! I know, I know. Seems like such a straightforward story at first: Kid finds a bunch of money, blows it all on candy, shares it with his friends, immediately becomes most popular kid ever. But when you think about it ... well, why the hell did the parents hide $4,000 in the couch? And how much candy does 4 grand actually buy?!


I guess I should mention here that this happened in Ukraine. I don't really have a working knowledge of the Ukrainian economy, but I suppose it's possible that the people there are better off stashing money in couches than bank accounts (hey, I'm starting to feel that way here!). And I suppose it's also possible that candy is ridiculously expensive in the Ukraine. Maybe there's some sort of excessive tax on treats? (Ahem, Bloomberg!) Still, $4,000?! His parents must've been MAD! But did the boy really understand that what he did was so wrong?

I want to say no, give him the benefit of the doubt ... but there's one nagging detail that makes me wonder: Apparently the kid accomplished all of this with the help of an "adult acquaintance" who was, according to police, diagnosed with a mental disorder. The boy always tipped him generously for his services, he said.

Hmm. So this 9-year-old essentially stole thousands of dollars and paid off a disabled guy to help him transfer the cash? Um, maybe he DID understand what he was doing.

Can you imagine your kid doing something like this?


Image via Jeff Adair/Flickr

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