Mom Names Twins 'Barack Obama' & 'Mitt Romney' -- We Hope They Get Along

obama romneyWhat do you name your twin sons if you give birth on election day? Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, of course! That's what Millicent Owuror decided to do when she gave birth to twin boys outside Nairobi, Kenya. And apparently she must not have heard about all the bitter partisan bickering. Millicent just wanted to remember the day. Hey, it's only fitting -- considering Obama was born in Kenya, too. Just kidding! But seriously, I love that she did that. 


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It's a really sweet gesture to name her sons after both Obama and Romney (Obama was born first, of course). Hopefully they'll get along better than Democrats and Republicans have been getting along this year. These names are about HOPE! Hope for a peaceful future. It helps that their mother wrapped them in blue and white blankets, not blue and red. Oh whatever, I'm sure no one in Kenya cares a fig about our blue/red color system.

Of course, they may be named after Obama and Romney now -- but those two kids are going to grow up with their own distinct personalities. By the time they're adults, they probably won't have very much in common with their namesakes at all. Oh, except of course nationality. Again -- kidding!

Was it fair to name one after the winner and the other after the, um, not-winner, though? I mean, gosh, little Obama could end up lording it over his little brother for the rest of his life. "Ha ha, I'm named after a president and you're named after the private equity manager!" "I'll leverage your nose off your face if you keep that up!" Aww, actually I hope these two grow up to be best of friends.

Would you ever name your child after either presidential candidate?


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