Wild Dogs Killing Your Child at a Zoo Is Something No Parent Should Ever Experience

african painted dogsThe incredibly tragic death of a 2-year-old boy attacked by wild dogs after falling from a zoo exhibit railing in Pittsburgh is, literally, a parent's worst nightmare. Scratch that, it's worse than a parent's worst nightmare. I cannot even bring myself to fathom the horror of watching one of my kids being ripped to shreds by a pack of 11 "painted" African dogs. And as a mom, I've managed to fathom some pretty horrific things -- no matter how hard I try to block the disturbing, headline-inspired images out.

I honestly think that if I were Maddox Derkosh's mom, I would have to be lobotomized in order to go on living. And the latest details make this already unimaginably terrible accident even harder to accept.


There was a small -- miniscule -- part of me that was sort of hoping this poor little boy died from the impact of his fall, before the dogs got to him. His loss would be no less tragic under those circumstances, of course, but at least we could tell ourselves he didn't experience that violent and painful attack.

But that's not what happened. Apparently little Maddox was killed by the dogs, not the fall -- after his mother actually placed him on the railing. For a better look.

Good lord, I can't even breathe when I think about how easily this could have happened to ANY parent. And how long did the attack last?! Further recently released details revealed zoo officials responded by shooting one of the dogs so they could get closer to the boy -- how long was that child in agony?

One thing is for sure, sadly -- his mother's agony is just beginning. Like I said, I honestly think I would have to be lobotomized to go on living in anything like this ever happened to one of my kids. Please god, please don't ever let anything like this happen to one of my kid

Can you imagine experiencing something like this as a parent?


Image via Benjamin Hollis/Flickr

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