11-Year-Old's Plan to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims Puts Many Adults to Shame (VIDEO)

Lucy WalkowiakSo often I read the news and see children engaged in negative activities like bullying, violence, drugs, and other things that make me fear both for my young children and for the future of this country. Then along comes someone like 11-year-old Lucy Walkowiak, and I'm reminded of just how many good kids there are out there.

Lucy is extraordinary even. When Hurricane Sandy tore through the upper East Coast last week, millions were left without power. Many of us felt helpless wondering what we could do to help those struggling to get by in the wake, but Lucy did more than wonder. She took action.


According to The Philly Post, since her Hoboken, N.J., home had power when so many others did not, she, with the help of her father, set up a pop-up Internet cafe. Because one of the big problems facing residents was the inability to charge their phones, she included a charging station complete with several power strips so people could power up their devices and connect with love ones.

In order to visit the cafe and grab a hot cup of coffee she just asked for a small donation to the Red Cross. So she'll make an impact on multiple levels.

Her father told the paper: "Lucy does a lot of community service through her school, so this is on par with what she’s been learning."

I'm beyond impressed not only with her compassion but with her follow through to get things done and actually make a tangible difference in the lives of those who needed help.

It's one of those things I want my kids to learn more than anything -- how important giving back is. But I have admittedly not been great about showing them through my actions or seeking out opportunities for them to do so. Not because I don't think it's important, but because the daily buzz of life just blows by, and it's easier for me to just send in checks to various causes when I feel so moved.

But Lucy and so many others who showed such great compassion and passion to help during the storm remind me that we have to make time for things like this and to help our children do the same. Even if the opportunity to help isn't right in front of our eyes, we can find ways to do so, because giving to people like this truly is one of the greatest things we can do.

How amazing is Lucy?!


Image via ABC


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