Dad Donates Kidney to 2-Year-Old Daughter & Saves Her Life on Halloween

handsWhile most kids were getting ready to trick-or-treat and receive oodles of candy yesterday, a 2-year-old little girl at Seattle Children's Hospital was receiving a much bigger and way more important Halloween gift. Evelyn Sherman underwent a kidney transplant, and her donor was none other than her own dad.

When asked about the life saving organ he gave to his daughter, Keith Sherman said, "I'm excited to do this. It's a long time coming." And I think it's safe to say that any parent would do exactly the same thing for their own child if presented with a similar situation. Having a sick child and being unable to help ease their pain is unbearable for a parent -- so to be able to actually save his little girl's life must be amazing for Keith.


Little Evelyn suffers from a chronic kidney disease that is so terrible, she hasn't even been able to enjoy something as simple as sitting down to the table and eating.

Her mom, Julianne, couldn't hold back her emotion as she explained, "She's never really eaten a meal and enjoyed it because her kidney disease does something weird with her appetite. I can't wait to see her sit down and enjoy a full meal with us."

Wow. Can you even imagine how heartbreaking it must be to see your child unable to eat? It's something so simple that we all take for granted for sure.

And if getting a new kidney and hopefully having a normal and happy life from here on out wasn't a miracle enough, the lengths the Sherman's family and friends went to in order to help raise money for the family is incredibly touching.

They put together a mission called "Trick or Treat for Transplant," and while they were ringing door bells and collecting candy, they also passed out flyers detailing Evelyn's story in the hopes of raising $100,000 to help cover the family's medical costs. (What a great way to teach kids about giving back and remind them how lucky they are!)

Halloween will always be a special night for the Sherman family from here on out, and something tells me seeing their little girl enjoy her candy next year will be an amazing blessing they'll never forget.

Would you hesitate for one second to donate an organ to your child?


Image via Mel B./Flickr

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