Bold Little Girl Tells Pippa Middleton She 'Hates Princesses' (VIDEO)

Pippa Middleton and kids

If you need a good laugh to even out your Friday afternoon, then this video of a little girl telling Pippa Middleton that she "hates princesses" will absolutely make your day.

Pippa met with a group of youngsters while she was promoting her new party planning book in London, and the kids were all dressed up for a costume-making party.

She got into a little chat with a 6-year-old about being a tomboy, and then went on to talk about what sorts of girly things she would probably like in a few years -- and when she mentioned "pink" and "princesses," the little blond girl pictured wasn't exactly impressed.


Watch the video clip to see what happened next.


OMG! Don't ya love it? I wonder if she realized she was telling the sister of the most famous princess in the world that she HATED princesses?!?

Probably not, but if she did, she's one seriously brave and headstrong little girl. You have to admit it's pretty cute that she isn't afraid to voice her opinions, which proves her parents have raised her to be confident with who she is.

My son is around the same age as these kids, and I can only hope that if he were in the same situation, he wouldn't be afraid to speak up or go against the grain of the group as opposed to giving an answer he figured was expected of him.

And whether this little girl realized who she was speaking to or not, Pippa thankfully found the humor in her comment instead of getting all bent out of shape.

But something tells me this child will never live this one down, and that video will likely make an appearance at many family occasions in the future.

Is your child afraid to speak his or her mind?


Image via telegraphtv/YouTube

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