Dad Makes Mom Weirdest Costume Ever (VIDEO)

We've all been there: Your kid's school party is today, you totally forgot, and now you have exactly one minute to throw together a costume before she has to leave for school.

If you can manage it without tears on your part or your child's, you win the Supermom award. But can a dad do the same? Lauren O'Quinn finds out on the latest episode of Mom vs. Man. Check it out below!


She gets a guy to create a costume for his wife in under 60 seconds. It's a little, um, unorthodox, but I'm going to say it works. I had to laugh because while I haven't quite had to rustle up a costume for my kids at the last minute, whenever my husband and I go to a costume party, we take forever to decide what to be. We then end up scrambling for something out of our old stash of costumes and kid dress-up clothes. So I can totally relate!

Could you do better than this guy?

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Image via CafeMom Studios

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