Brave 10-Year-Old Girl Home Alone Stops 3 Burglars in Their Tracks

Paityn MockYou're home alone. You hear a noise that tells you someone is in your house. What do you do? If you're the 10-year-old girl who was home sick from school, you keep it calm, cool, and collected, you foil the robbery attempt, and you become a viral hero. Such is the life of Paityn Mock these days.

I'm hoping parents across the country take notice. If you're wondering when a kid is "old enough" to be left home alone, Paityn's story might help you make up your mind.


Now hold up, I'm not saying every 10-year-old should be left home alone.

I am saying that this 10-year-old did exactly what needed to be done when there was an emergency. She hid in the pantry with the phone and called 911. She followed the dispatcher's directions to a T, and the cops got there in time to nab one of the three burglars (two got away ... but the cops have their accomplice, so you can guess what will happen next!).

People are already questioning why her mom -- who was at the grocery store by the way -- left Paityn home alone, but I think it's pretty obvious. She knew her kid was ready. And Paityn's level head in the face of something so scary proves mom was right.

More parents need to judge their kids the way Paityn's mom did: not on age but on readiness for responsibilities. The more time I spend with various kids around my daughter's age, the more I'm convinced that age is just a number. Maturity, intelligence, common sense ... they all vary from kid to kid. If you're going by "age" to determine whether your kid is ready for something as big as being left home alone, you could be putting an immature older kid at a big risk or underestimating your immature younger kid.

Check this little hero out:

What do you think of this girl's heroics? Would your kid be able to handle this situation the way she did?


Image via ABC

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